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20 Sep

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20 Sep

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Meet US At the Crossroads

20 Sep

942 Stanford


A place where the spirit of convergence happens




The Crossroads Café will be a kitchen and café that is cooperatively run by: chefs, artists, vendors, farmers, community members.



The Crossroads Café will:

  • Allow co-op members to prepare their products for sale in a commercial kitchen
  • Incubate small entrepreneurs and be a rentable commercial kitchen
  • Sell local products and healthy food in the cafe
  • Host “pop-up” events, feature an outdoor grill and seating area, and serve coffee, tea, fresh juices and more
  • Be a community gathering space
  • Create economic opportunity for our local community.


Crossroads is





The Crossroads is home to Phat Beets Farmers Market and Food Justice Collective.  Phat Beets does amazing work in our community. Phat Beets supports local organic farmers, hosts health and food justice workshops and is a voice of equity and social justice.  The Farmers Market is every Saturday from 10am-3pm.  You can always sit in on an interesting workshop, find the best prices on produce and other specialty items and listen to great music.  Our vendors feature cuisines and specialty items from all around the globe.  Crossroads will sell many of these foods.


Ethiopian · Vegan Raw Foods  · Morrocan  · Japanese  ·  BBQ · Vegan Pesto    Hummus · Vinegars · Temescal Kombucha · Baked goods · Jewelery   · soaps   original apparel  · coffee  and more


The Crossroads Café will be open for business soon!



We are Misako, Michele, Martin, Leon, Ikumi, Machicho, Phat Beets, artists, teachers, chefs, dreamers, inventors, builders, community members, independent vendors and entrepreneurs.  We are pooling our resources to open 942 Stanford and we need your help!



In the past four months we have taken an empty building and gotten it SO CLOSE to being a kitchen and cafe. We redid the floors and walls. We built a secure storage unit. We restored our stove and hood. We fixed the plumbing. We built a beautiful wood counter top and mosaic wall.



What’s next:

We need multiple refrigeration systems,

We need stainless steel prep tables

We need equality commercial equipment; a juicer, an espresso machine, and more!

We want create a beautiful outdoors seating area for our community to gather



What you get

Thanks to the support of our local community we have a ton of great rewards for you. You can be one of the first to buy coffee or lunch from the café. We have awesome artwork, cooking classes, and so much more!!



How you can help in other ways

Want to support in other ways?

Volunteer with us! Are you a builder, a painter, a chef? All community members and volunteers are invited to get involved in this project. Contact: ­­­­­­­­­__________ to sign up today!

You can donate local products, services, gift certificates or offer to match donations for a day. Any donation will be put to use either throught his campaign or at one of our launch parties!

Come to our Fundraising parties or host one of your own! Contact ­___________ if you want to host a fundraiser party in your space or ours!

Tell your friends! Tell them on facebook, on twitter, via e mail. Encourage them to come to our indiegogo site, to support, donate, or visit us! We have to reach our goal by ___________ to receive the money without having to give indiegogo a larger percentage!